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“Ikigai” or “reason for being” is the intersection between what you love & what you’re good at aligns with what the world needs and what the world will pay you for. Where your passion, mission, vocation, and profession in life work cohesively.


What if college students shifted their mindset from focusing solely on money to considering their impact on people?

Alexander is your full strength life coach having helped countless adolescents over the 10 last years think bigger and understand that they were put here to change the world for the better.



About Alexander

Hi, my name is Alexander Garcia, and I am not your typical youth motivational speaker. I'm a lifelong competitive boxer, a former NY Junior Olympic & Golden Gloves champion, an NYU Stern School of Business graduate, and the founder of AGT Health & Fitness. My mission is to empower people of all ages to become their best selves.


My journey began at 8 years old, as I aspired to be a boxing world champion, heavily influenced by idols like Muhammad Ali. Despite a career-ending neck injury in 2017, I sought a new path to fulfill my life's purpose.


After working dispassionately in corporate America for 2 years, AGT was born in 2018, with an aim to equip others with the champion's mindset I developed as a boxer.


I understand the struggle of finding one's purpose, which is why I now speak at universities around the country, helping students discover their "ikigai" and lead successful lives. 


When I'm not speaking, you can find me coaching my private clients and / or on TV working as a commercial actor and model.


Let's connect for your next event to inspire the next generation to find their purpose, lead meaningful lives, and make the world better.


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Alexander's Talk

Discovering Your Ikigai: One’s Pathway to Finding Purpose & A Lifetime of Success

In this talk, Alexander goes in depth as to how he went from a confused and concussed young adult with broken dreams to discovering his purpose in life in helping others climb the mountain of life by guiding them into the strongest versions of themselves. He speaks on the 3 main points one needs to apply to live the most successful and fulfilling life that they can. Ideas include the following;

  • In order to be successful, we have to make this world a better place

  • Living an intentional life is a key determinant to maximizing our advancement

  • Comfortability is the enemy of progress and where our ikigai dies


Tune in to hear his story and how he used inspiration from some of the most accomplished men of all time including the likes of philanthropist, Steve Jobs, and American self-help author, Napoleon Hill, to live out his purpose and create a positive difference in the world.

Image by Rohit Tandon
“Alex’s initiative, enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge made him an excellent choice to speak at our high school. Alex is a very positive person, who has a great listening ear, an outstanding work ethic, he is highly committed to inspiring people to live their best lives. He has outstanding interpersonal skills, he’s encouraging, calm, courteous, he also gives fantastic advice to anyone who needs help. I am so happy that we have had the privilege of listening to Alex talk at our event and most importantly having my son watch someone he looks up to. I see Alex as a true mentor to young adults of all ages” 

Michelle T.


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